Decorex 2012 – George Spencer by Boundary Space

We are delighted to have designed the Decorex 2012 exhibition stand for the fabric house George Spencer Designs. This year’s stand was a particularly demanding brief, as it needed to show a tremendous range of labels including F.Leitner KG and Cottonberry. We really enjoy the quick turnaround that designing exhibition stands allows for and were [...]

Inspired Rubbish

Whilst on a monumental 10 hour monthly site meeting, I was struck by something rather beautiful lurking in an electrical recycling bin.  The photos cannot really convey the very tactile quality this offcut metal sheathing has, but there is something quite enchanting about its symmetry and complexity.  Having been in a pocket for hours and [...]

Darwin Centre – Natural History Museum London

Whilst I am a regular visitor to the V & A,  I have tended to give the other big museums in South Kensington a bit of a wide berth. However, I thought that a visit to the new Darwin Centre at the Natural History Museum was well over due. Upon entering the main hall I [...]

The Importance of Engineers (and others) – Fluid Structures

Despite public perception great buildings are never the result of a lone Architect. The term ‘design team’ hints at the collaborative collective which is needed to realise even the most mundane projects. Complex modern buildings need their designs to accommodate a huge number of technical problems. These range from abiding by legal and planning requirements, [...]

Furniture Making and The Joy of Workshops

For us the process of making can be one of the most exciting aspects of our job. Today we visited Kinley Joinery, one of those secret suppliers who quietly produce works for some of London’s most well-known designers.  What is so inspiring is being able to talk through a design and develop the actual details [...]

Bespoke Details and Satisfaction

Some professions provide immediate job satisfaction.  But, whilst artists may finish a painting in a month and chefs may complete a dish within an hour,  Architecture is a far slower endeavour.  So with those joyful moments of final completion being often slow in coming satisfaction must be gleaned at points along the way.  One such [...]

Fine Modern Joinery

There is perhaps one reason more than any other why we  like doing so much work in high end residential.  No other sector allows an Architect to collaborate and work  so closely with so many highly skilled craftsmen.  The time we take over perfecting details with various artisans and experts brings commercial architects out in [...]

High End Design / Low End Cost

Eighteen months ago, in the depths of the credit crisis, we started to wonder if we could apply our design skills, which are usually used at the high end of the market, on the most cost conscious areas such as mass housing, education and civic projects.  We had a strong belief that even under the [...]

Structure and Glass

For most of the 20th century, and what there has been of the 21st, the relationship between glass and architecture has been one of minimising visible structure.   The emphasis of most structural glazing, such as Pilkington Planar, has been to create monolithic planes of glass as uninterrupted by structure as possible.  Initially, in a world [...]

Olfactory and Architecture – why buildings don’t smell enough.

Architects have been used to dealing with light and texture for a long time but yet the notion of considering smell as part of their remit seems almost absurd.   For us however Architecture is any medium which is used to create an experience with a space.  After all, for gardeners scent can be reason alone [...]