The Unexpected Gardens of Poland

Just back from Northern Poland where, following a wedding, I took a road tour through some of Europe’s finest early Gothic, or Gothyk, buildings. Polish Gothic buildings, sometimes referred to as Baltic Gothic, are mainly of brick and well published. They certainly lived up to their reputation, with Torun being particularly special. One unexpected surprise, [...]

A garden for a shop window

On my way to a site today I passed Nina Campbell’s shop in Walton Street and thought that their use of a shop wide planter was stunning.  The beautifully naturalised planting is such a contrast to the regimented little shops of Walton Street and reminds me strongly of the growing mass appeal of Piet Oudolf’s [...]

Green Walls

Green Walls seem to be becoming more and more fashionable. This morning I passed the Athenaeum Hotel green wall and recently saw the newly installed Anthropologie wall in Regent Street. The first instance manages to transform a particularly dowdy hotel, whilst the gigantic internal wall at Anthropologie is awe inspiring for its unexpected novelty alone. [...]