A Weekend in Milan

Written by our guest blogger Yidan Wang: “‘Porta Genova,’ the woman said when I asked her where in Milan we might find furniture or lighting stores that would sell independent designs.  Sitting behind an elegant white desk at Meritalia, she wore a colourful African head wrap and spoke in a manner with just the right [...]

Kinetic Sculptures

Maker Profile – Kinetic Wave Sculptures on MAKE: television from MAKE magazine on Vimeo.   Architecture can, and should, take its inspiration from everything and anything. Something which caught our eye was the beautiful kinetic sculptures by Reuben Margolin. The video above beautifully shows a stunning exploration of the movement of waves.  Movement in Architecture [...]

In good company – Rebecca Street

Quite by chance I realise that our offices are surrounded by some quite esteemed neighbours. One of these is the fashion designer Rebecca Street. Above are a couple of photographs of her recent autumn collection taken from her website here. Her use of colour is beautiful and understated and we also loved the art direction [...]

Beyond Just Walls – David Tremlett in The Tate

Recently, on a damp Saturday I decided to pay a visit to Tate Britain. The motive was simple it was close by and 12 years on still seems to be very much in the shadow of its younger brother Tate Modern. So I felt it time to take another look. The visit had its low [...]

Inspired Rubbish

Whilst on a monumental 10 hour monthly site meeting, I was struck by something rather beautiful lurking in an electrical recycling bin.  The photos cannot really convey the very tactile quality this offcut metal sheathing has, but there is something quite enchanting about its symmetry and complexity.  Having been in a pocket for hours and [...]

The Value of Play (or Design Research and Development)

I remember years ago seeing a documentary on Thomas Heatherwick. What really attracted me to his studio was the way he worked.  Far from just working on the commissions which they had secured they appeared to be the design equivalent to Q’s laboratory in James Bond with various experiments and development being carried out speculatively, [...]

Escher, Osborne & Little and illusions

Osborne and Little have launched a new advertising campaign based on their Komodo wallpaper and what looks like the Kew Waterlily House. No doubt the natural setting is inspired by association with an animal print range, but I couldn’t help recalling this M.C. Escher lithograph, which looks like tiny komodo dragons. I am not sure [...]

Ron van der Ende

Stumbled upon the work of Ron van der Ende a Rotterdam based sculptor who works in reclaimed wood creating these amazing bas-reliefs.  We love the intricate mosaic like constructions and the use of relief and perspective is compelling and inspriational.  We are hoping That Ron will be showing in London soon. Bookmark on Delicious Digg [...]