Pumpkins at the Palace!

Mwahahaha… You’ve heard of the Great British Bake Off, but Wednesday night also saw the spine-chilling final of the Great Boundary Space Carve Off! The BS studio celebrated the spookiest season in hands-on fashion, with an evening of creepy craft, devilish design and deadly detailing.

Pumpkins 8

First, the operating table was prepared; and the curved cadavers of the victims laid out (along with some much-needed fuel!). Competitors picked their pumpkin and jostled for position (‘get off my patch!’… that sort of thing…).

Then in a frenzy, as if possessed, the BS squash-squadron set to with a session of gory gourd-gutting which was not for the faint-hearted! A variety of techniques were used, from scooping to scraping; and some abandoned tools altogether, excavating innards with their bare hands. This gruesome activity revealed an unsettling new side to our colleagues…

pumpkin 4

Next, an eerie quiet fell over the studio: the design stage. The tension was ‘pulpable’, teeth were bared, the stakes were high.

Some browsed the web (!) for inspiration, producing pumpkin mood-boards. Some made carving templates first, sketching designs onto tracing paper with architectural precision. Others took an instinctive freestyle approach, designing directly onto the face with their blades.

As night fell at the palace conversation strayed to ghosts and ghouls and we couldn’t help wondering if someone else might be here with us… in spirit. The infamous 16th century Bishop Bonner (reassuringly known as “Bloody Bonner”) is said to haunt these rooms… so you butternut stay here alone at night! (sorry)

Pumpkin 3

With an array of torture tools to choose from, the fiendishly fiddly task of  sculpting and carving our creations came next. At this point madness was really starting to creep in… after all, the devil’s in the detail! In the end though everyone worked their magic and, with expert gourd-gouging and skillful scalpelling, even the most intricate schemes were executed.

Designs ranged from traditional to original, naive to sophisticated, decorative to demonic… and all were gourdgeous! There were grotesque grimaces, diabolical deformities, scintillant skulls, cats, bats and… squirrels?

pumpkin party 9

Pumpkin 5

Our bewitching creations were ably judged by an independent adjudicator: pumpkin pundit Jenna; and we are thrilled to announce that contestant Claudia carved the Prize Pumpkin – praised for its topsy-turvy teeth and barbarous brows – and won herself a Halloween treat!

pumpkins 7

Runners up were: Ela’s macabre mummy and Mizue’s cunning kitty, with special mention to Thomas’ Day of the Dead inspired skull design.

Overall it was a spooktacular evening of harrowing hacking and chilling chiselling from the Boundary Space team, who were in the office long after witching hour (well, after dark anyway…)

Happy Halloween from all of us Boundary Spooks! Have a wicked weekend and don’t forget to lock your doors and check under your bed..!

Pumkin party 2    Pumpkin Party 1

By Connie Jackson Brown

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