Boundary Space and George Spencer Designs at DECOREX 2015

For the fourth year running, George Spencer Designs and Boundary Space shake hands to deliver yet another exciting stand for Decorex. With the general theme to explore the future of luxury, the show was once again held in the grounds of Syon House, which has proven to be the perfect backdrop for London’s premier design show.
The focus this year was to introduce GSD’s new Japan wallpaper collection designed by Neisha Crosland as well as 4 new fabrics in an original and inventive way.
With the task set, the team set out mid-summer to brainstorm ways to display the extensive range of trimmings and a suggestion to build different structures on the stand as display units emerged. We originally set out to design the structures from octagons which caused excitement in our team as we all tried to build our own display structures using the First Octons construction toys. Further discussion and concerns over stability led us to construct the structures from boxes of different sizes to optimise the display space.
We arrived to Syon House early Thursday morning to find an empty stand with no floor; no stand number and the challenge of creating an exciting stand seemed daunting at first. We set aside our scalpels and glue and waited for works to be finished at our stand and the arrival of our wallpapers and boxes, which by now had been covered with GSD’s usual array of sumptuous fabrics.
We had wonderful help from RM Builders, who wallpapered the walls with samples from the new Japan collection, while our team embarked on the challenge to create 3 different structures out of the 33 different boxes we had to work with.
Several hours of reading our drawings and carefully assembling the boxes later, we had managed to finish two of the three tasks.

As we were running out of time to assemble our shelves, we headed back to the grounds of Syon House on Friday and after hours of construction deliberation, assembly and a pizza break, we finally managed to secure the shelving to the walls and the stand was finally coming together.
We can honestly say that this year’s Decorex has taken more out of us then previous years, however we are happy with the end result and the feedback has been more than positive and we hope the show is a success for GSD. See you at Decorex 2016!



By Ragne Aaviste

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