The Boundary Space Biscuit Experiment

When one of our interior designers returned from a  whirlwind weekend in Brussels last Monday, she was laden with edible treats to satisfy even the largest appetite. Probably most exciting though, was the array of speculoos biscuit products on offer: possibly one of few foods to come in both biscuit and spread form.  A week of experimental elevenses ensued, as we sought to find the best combinations, but first, let’s introduce the ingredients:

The Biscuit

The Lotus speculoos biscuit, thin with just the right amount of crunch and tasting delicately of burnt caramel and cinnamon, this is a favourite with hairdressers all over. Perhaps you recognise it from that little black tray you get accompanying your complimentary tea or coffee.

The Spread (Smooth)

The original Lotus spread, simply a mixture of biscuit and rapeseed oil. Smooth, silky, irresistible.

The Spread (Rough)

The same as above, but with crunchy bits of biscuit mixed in. Sandy.

The Spread (The Interloper)

You may have noticed that thus far this has been a mono-brand event. But here at Boundary Space we like to give everyone a fair hearing, so we threw a challenger into the mix: Jules Destrooper have produced their own version of the spread, blended with butter.

The Spread Contenders The Original Biscuit

The Verdict

Obviously all three spreads needed to be tried in their pure form, unadulterated by biscuit or toast. The Jules Destrooper was noticeably maltier than the Lotus versions, tasting more like digestives than speculoos. Mixed with butter instead of oil, the food snobs amongst us were surprised to find that that was not our favourite (although the writer may be swayed by her excessively sweet tooth).

Out with the new and in with the old then. In contrast the Lotus (smooth) tastes altogether more caramelly, more indulgent, and almost leaves a sort of fizzle on the tongue. The introduction of biscuity crunch into the second rendition was better than expected, adding a new dimension to the gastronomic experience.

Whilst the writer would prefer to always eat the spread like this, with just a teaspoon and a cup of green tea (to cancel out the calories, obviously), there were others in the studio who felt that there was an unmissable opportunity here: the speculoos bourbon. Two speculoos biscuits sandwiched together with spread, this is the ultimate speculoos creation: what was a dry biscuit has been transformed into a delicately buttery, creamy treat. As for me though, I’ll be putting it in my pancakes this evening. Happy eating!

The Spread Testers The Speculoos Bourbon



By Helena Louise Cuss

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