The Boundary Space Christmas Party


The Drawing Room at Sir John Soanes Museum

As I settle into the first working day of 2015, I find myself thinking over the festivities of  December. Last month saw the annual Boundary Space Christmas party , which was positively marathonic for 2014! Beginning with lunchtime drinks and nibbles at the studio, we made our way to the Sir John Soanes Museum for a curator-led tour. As dusk fell over Lincoln’s Inn Fields, we moved through the extraordinary interior in gathering gloom, artefacts lit here and there with flickers of light. We ooh-ed and aah-ed over the wonderfully preserved works of art in Soanes’ very own picture gallery, including Hogarth’s famous satire the Rake’s Progress, and Canaletto’s spectacular views of Venice. Finally we plumbed the depths of his “death room” in the basement, where he had collected hundreds of artefacts from the ancient world to do with the afterlife, culminating in a magnificent Egyptian sarcophagus carved all over with intricate heiroglyphs.


Sir John Soanes Museum, London

John Soanes Museum Picture Gallery

The Picture Gallery at Sir John Soanes Museum, with view of Canaletto painting

A speedy Uber took us next to Arbutus Restaurant in Soho, where even the biggest appetites were sated by an inventive and unusual menu, and the most unadventurous eaters found something to tickle their taste buds. I can personally recommend, nay insist upon you trying, the crispy pig’s head starter, a melt in the mouth square of deep-fried terrine, so succulent and flavoursome that it may have almost reduced me to tears. This was followed by a juicy cod fillet accompanied by crispy chicken, cevennes onions and artichokes, a perfectly balanced dish. Many finished with the festively rich pear clafoutis, and we all struggled to eat the petits fours, although special mention must go to the banoffee macarons!

London,Soho,Your Best London

Arbutus Restaurant, Frith Street, Soho

arbutus soho

Roast Cod with Crispy Chicken and Asparagus at Arbutus Restaurant, Soho

Milk and Honey

The bar at Milk & Honey, Soho, London

A quick pit-stop at London’s famous members cocktail club Milk and Honey had us all refreshed and ready for the finale of the evening: an invitation to the Cheevers Howard Christmas Party atop the Shard at the Viewing Platform. Many of us had visited the restaurants on the middle floors of the building, but nothing could prepare us for the resplendent views of London from the 69th floor. With the city’s many famous skyscrapers glittering below us, and the river parting the metropolis, we danced, drank champagne and enjoyed the novelty of a loo with a view! Tired but well-satisfied, we returned to work the next day armed with biscuits and dressed in our best Christmas jumpers for an end to our festivities.

view from the Shard

View of South London from the Shard

Tower Bridge from Shard

View of Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and East London from the Shard

Top of Shard

The top of the Shard Building, from the Viewing Platform

Shard viewing platform

The Boundary Space Team at the Shard

Shard party

The Boundary Space team at the Cheevers & Howard Launch Party, at the Shard Viewing Platform

River Thames from Shard

View of the Thames and Central London from the Shard: Blackfriars Bridge, the Millenium Bridge, Waterloo Bridge and the London Eye

London from Shard

View of London Bridge Railway Station from the Shard

Cheesegrater building from Shard

View of London Bridge, the Heron Tower and the ‘Cheesegrater’ Building (Leadenhall Building)

 By Helena Louise Cuss


Disclaimer Note: Images of Sir John Soanes Museum, Arbutus and Milk & Honey do not belong to Boundary Space.

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