Boundary Space and George Spencer Designs at DECOREX 2014

Building upon the success of Decorex 2013, Boundary Space and George Spencer Designs reunite to deliver what we think is our most exciting stand for Decorex yet. With the  collaboration now in its third year, the Boundary Space team arrived bright and early at Syon House this Thursday with industrial velcro and glue guns in hand, whilst GSD arrived armed with its usual array of sumptuous fabrics from designers Katerina Tana and Rosemary Hallgarten.

Boundary Space created a highly visual design for the walls which impressively display  the wide range of fabrics carried by GSD, which followed a simple but bold tessellation design.  When we arrived at our empty stand on Thursday morning, the task of covering the two walls in 220 upholstered wooden panels seemed daunting to say the least!




About 6 hours, 5 Pret a Manger sandwiches and 100 complaints about the heat inside the tent later, the walls had been transformed into a smorgasboard of textures, colours and prints; it was time to bring in the trees.

 20140918_164735 20140918_164727

2014-09-22 11.01.15

In August Boundary Space began developing ideas which would display GSD’s extensive range of trimmings in a new and surprising way, when the idea of trimming trees was posed. The challenge to create an installation which would be both artistic and impacting was enthusiastically taken up, and after two solid days of being locked in small room with four branches, 100 metres of silk trimmings, a very hot glue gun, and much trial and error we had lovingly handmade four unique trees themed along the seasons.

20140904_151038 20140904_135005 20140908_175359  20140917_135112        20140917_135108        20140916_170950

20140916_115905 20140917_134934



Initial reactions to the stand have been fantastic, and we hope that people continue to enjoy it as the week goes on. As for us, we’re already looking forward to designing the stand for next year …..

By Helena Louise Cuss

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