Ham House, Geometric Gardens, Beer and a German Sausage


Ham House Garden Design

Geometric Gardens

Making the most of spring (?) sun, we walked down the river path to Ham House. It is claimed by the National Trust to be one of the finest examples of 17th century fashion and taste.  Although too late to make it inside the house the gardens were delightful and seemed strikingly modern. Having ignored the centuries of fashion that pointed towards the ‘English Landscape Movement’ the gardens are instead a monument to man’s ability to overcome nature. The shunning of 300 years of garden fashion has paid off and I found the gardens as a result seemed fresh and in many ways very modern. – Worth a trip and, should you be in need of a little light refreshment to mull over your thoughts on 300 year old design, I would recommend a short stroll up the river bank to catch the sun at Steins which is an incongruously placed Bavarian riverside beer garden with a delicious menu of Wurst, Erdinger and other such offerings


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