Kinetic Sculptures

Maker Profile – Kinetic Wave Sculptures on MAKE: television from MAKE magazine on Vimeo.



Architecture can, and should, take its inspiration from everything and anything. Something which caught our eye was the beautiful kinetic sculptures by Reuben Margolin. The video above beautifully shows a stunning exploration of the movement of waves.  Movement in Architecture is often expensive and therefore rarely used.  However, perhaps the effects of awe created in the past by the use of detail and scale, such as in the Cathedrals of England, could be replaced with the wonder of movement in our own age. If you think this sounds far-fetched think of the Calatrava’s  Milwaukee Art Museum with its stunning brise soleil:

“The structure contains a movable, wing-like brise soleil which opens up for a wingspan of 217 feet during the day, folding over the tall, arched structure at night or during inclement weather. The brise soleil has since become a symbol for the city of Milwaukee” (from wikipedia)

If people are uncomfortable with rejoicing in detail in modern buildings and if manufacturing process and mass production means that detail no longer holds the same awe inspiring impression which it did before the industrial age then maybe movement is the answer.

An interesting talk from Margolin can be found in the TED talk here.

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