Designing in a Recession

Boundary Space were recently featured in an article in Architects Choice, in which we discussed our feelings about working in the challenging current financial climate. One of our points was that we felt that a recession can, in some ways, be a driver of creativity, as it forces designers to work in new and different [...]

Kinetic Sculptures

Maker Profile – Kinetic Wave Sculptures on MAKE: television from MAKE magazine on Vimeo.   Architecture can, and should, take its inspiration from everything and anything. Something which caught our eye was the beautiful kinetic sculptures by Reuben Margolin. The video above beautifully shows a stunning exploration of the movement of waves.  Movement in Architecture [...]

In good company – Rebecca Street

Quite by chance I realise that our offices are surrounded by some quite esteemed neighbours. One of these is the fashion designer Rebecca Street. Above are a couple of photographs of her recent autumn collection taken from her website here. Her use of colour is beautiful and understated and we also loved the art direction [...]

Beyond Just Walls – David Tremlett in The Tate

Recently, on a damp Saturday I decided to pay a visit to Tate Britain. The motive was simple it was close by and 12 years on still seems to be very much in the shadow of its younger brother Tate Modern. So I felt it time to take another look. The visit had its low [...]

An Architectural Great – Paul Rudolph

The world of Architecture is pretty vast. One of the benefits of this is there is always something to be discovered and often that something can be pretty big.  One such discovery has been the work of Paul Rudolph. Whilst I must have seen many of his works in compendiums and lectures I was not, [...]

Winter at the Palace – A new studio

Much of our lives are spent at our place of work, so it is just as important that our work environment is harmonious and conducive to work, as it is that our homes are calm retreats to relax in. Given this we always consider our studio locations and fitouts in the same way that we [...]