A New Type of Museum for Paris

During a recent visit to Paris I came, unintentionally, across Jean Novel’s Musée du quai Branly. It’s a very interesting building and whilst it might not be considered as beautiful in its totality, it does have some fantastic detailing and some very interesting concepts. The New York Times summed up the building rather concisely as:

 “Defiant, mysterious and wildly eccentric, it is not an easy building to love. Its jumble of mismatched structures, set in a lush, rambling garden on the Left Bank of the Seine in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, hardly conforms to notions of Parisian elegance.”

The article is available here. Irrespective of whether you believe the building is successful or not, and I do not believe I spent enough time experiencing it to make a judgment, there are certainly some interesting and inspiring ideas that can be had from it. A few of these are shown above. In particular, the relationship the building has to the landscape is both enjoyable and exciting. The masterful ideas of creating a glass screen between the busy road and the garden means that even the garden has a sense of being a defined and quite internal space.

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