Darwin Centre – Natural History Museum London

Whilst I am a regular visitor to the V & A,  I have tended to give the other big museums in South Kensington a bit of a wide berth. However, I thought that a visit to the new Darwin Centre at the Natural History Museum was well over due. Upon entering the main hall I [...]

A New Type of Museum for Paris

During a recent visit to Paris I came, unintentionally, across Jean Novel’s Musée du quai Branly. It’s a very interesting building and whilst it might not be considered as beautiful in its totality, it does have some fantastic detailing and some very interesting concepts. The New York Times summed up the building rather concisely as: [...]

Northala Fields – Park Design and the Value of Landscape Architecture

As we have a site near Marlow in Buckinghamshire we are regularly traveling out from central London along the A40.  It is a journey which is often a tedious and regularly slow. However there are a few things which help to divert the attention.  The most pleasurable of which are the towering hills of Northala [...]

The Importance of Engineers (and others) – Fluid Structures

Despite public perception great buildings are never the result of a lone Architect. The term ‘design team’ hints at the collaborative collective which is needed to realise even the most mundane projects. Complex modern buildings need their designs to accommodate a huge number of technical problems. These range from abiding by legal and planning requirements, [...]

Model building and the V&A British Design 1948–2012 Exhibition

It is still worth catching British Design 1948–2012 at the V&A if you can, it finishes on the 12th of August. As the Olympics focus the world’s attention on the UK, the V&A have sought to showcase Britain’s contribution to design since the last Summer Olympics in 1948. There is much to see in the [...]