Furniture Making and The Joy of Workshops

For us the process of making can be one of the most exciting aspects of our job. Today we visited Kinley Joinery, one of those secret suppliers who quietly produce works for some of London’s most well-known designers.  What is so inspiring is being able to talk through a design and develop the actual details there and then with the experience of expert joiners.   Just being in a workshop always stirs the imagination and in most cases not only do you develop the intended design but often end up leaving with a head full of other possibilities.  This session was to develop a monolithic minimalist coat cupboard for a private client in Notting Hill and we look forward to seeing the final product shortly.  Many architects seem to delineate between the built fabric and furniture.  We recognise the importance and interaction of both of these and go to great lengths to develop furniture to match the quality and style of the surrounding architecture.  Having developed so many cupboards, wardrobes, console tables, credenzas and chairs we are toying with the idea of putting together a collection for general sale – so who knows perhaps in the autumn!

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