Fine Modern Joinery

There is perhaps one reason more than any other why we  like doing so much work in high end residential.  No other sector allows an Architect to collaborate and work  so closely with so many highly skilled craftsmen.  The time we take over perfecting details with various artisans and experts brings commercial architects out in [...]

High End Design / Low End Cost

Eighteen months ago, in the depths of the credit crisis, we started to wonder if we could apply our design skills, which are usually used at the high end of the market, on the most cost conscious areas such as mass housing, education and civic projects.  We had a strong belief that even under the [...]

RHS Chelsea Flower Shower Review 2012

Wow – the second hot year in a row.  As always plenty to see at Chelsea, far more than just one blog post could possibly manage! So here are some photo highlights.  What was striking was the extent of naturalised planting.  Although there were some formal elements and dressed stone it was noticeable that almost [...]

Structure and Glass

For most of the 20th century, and what there has been of the 21st, the relationship between glass and architecture has been one of minimising visible structure.   The emphasis of most structural glazing, such as Pilkington Planar, has been to create monolithic planes of glass as uninterrupted by structure as possible.  Initially, in a world [...]