100 % Design 2011 London

100 percent design 2011 was a personal record for me. Though not a record I am fond of beating.  My personal record for shortest time spent in a trade show. 43 minutes.

It was more than a little disappointing,  instead of stands with ambition and innovation it was more a case of the usual suspects and endless novelty light and chair manufacturers.

Still, if you haven’t got anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. So, slim though the pickings were the following were our highlights:


ACDC had a range which seemed well manufactured and appeared to provide a good quality of light. Despite a customised double decker bus their stand was perhaps slightly guilty of under selling their product. However, the one element which seemed to work fantastically well was the use of these small uplighters and baffles shown below. At Boundary Space we have been mulling over how spectacular this could be in a steam room or perhaps as part of a facade system.

ACDC Lighting

Timber flooring

We are always looking for new and better suppliers and one which showed promise was Silvan Flooring. Their range of timber floors seems to be very ‘on trend’ with a beautiful a range of patina and open grains, all available in some some really large widths. They also boasted impressive sustainability credentials  We have arranged to meet with Silvan and hope that they live up to the promise of their stand.  I regret not taking any pictures of their stand as I don’t think that their website really shows the promise of the samples they had on show.

Glass sliding partitions.

Okay so the eagle eyed may realize that Panoramah is not a new company but a re branding of the established Portuguese company formally known as vitrocsa.  Whilst there are a plethora of glazed door companies most fail to achieve the combination of large spans, small structure and smooth mechanisms. The normal contenders are Fineline, Skyframe and now the newly re branded Panoramah.  What got us particularly excited was confirmation that their glazed opening corners do not need to be at 90 degrees. This was fantastic news given our recent scheme for a private house extension in Twickenham.  Glazed doors always seem to start out as a means to making structure seem effortless and creating a strong connection to outdoors. However poor glazing systems often lead to the reverse, with thick mullions and stiles the effect is lost. The scheme at Twickenham was an exercise is making the most of a city garden for a lively young family who wanted have the indoor/outdoor life more normally associated with the country.  Boundary Space look forward to working with Panoramah shortly. Below photos of Panoramah with initial Schemes for Twickenham.

Glass Box Extension

Glass Kitchen Extension

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