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New Perenial

Piet Oudolf has long been one of our favorite landscape designers. Having loved his installation at Peter Zumthor’s Serpentine Pavilion in London’s Hyde Park we were duly excited about the arrival of his book Landscapes in Landscapes.  The wait was well worth it and we were not disappointed. What sets this book apart from some of the more coffee table tomes is the sheer level of detail and description that it goes into. The many labelled and graphic plans demonstrate the pure craft, artistry and plantsmanship which goes into creating a ‘New Wave Planting’ scheme.

One of the elements which we love about Piet Oudolf’s work, and that of the ‘New Perennial’ Movement in general is the fantastic friction created between the formal and ‘naturalistic’ elements.  This friction gives rise a number of exciting architectural possibilities, given the opportunity to set a building within one these landscapes.

At Boundary Space the integration of landscape design is critical to our design philosophy. The closest we have come to working with a scheme based on ‘new perennial’ or ‘new wave planting’ was when we worked with Landscape Architects FRLA on a scheme for a private house in Buckinghamshire.  This site was a unique wooded setting on the edge of a Grade 1 listed park which is internationally significant for the work of British landscape pioneer Capability Brown. The landscape scheme mixed elements of both ‘new wave’ and English landscape styles. This combination worked well with the architecture which heavily referenced the vernacular style with an emphasis on materials and natural patina.

Boundary Space Planting

New Wave Planting

New Perrenial
Boundary Space Perenial

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