Piet Oudolf Landscapes within Landscapes

Piet Oudolf has long been one of our favorite landscape designers. Having loved his installation at Peter Zumthor’s Serpentine Pavilion in London’s Hyde Park we were duly excited about the arrival of his book Landscapes in Landscapes.  The wait was well worth it and we were not disappointed. What sets this book apart from some [...]

Beauty doesn’t have to be expensive.

Maybe it’s because I am spending a little too much time on site recently but I have become obsessed by the possibility of plaster. Despite the fact that we have spent years developing a number of specifications to ensure skim coats are as flat and true as humanly possibly it is the rough ‘scratch coat’ [...]

The Unexpected Gardens of Poland

Just back from Northern Poland where, following a wedding, I took a road tour through some of Europe’s finest early Gothic, or Gothyk, buildings. Polish Gothic buildings, sometimes referred to as Baltic Gothic, are mainly of brick and well published. They certainly lived up to their reputation, with Torun being particularly special. One unexpected surprise, [...]

From humble to staircase to dynamic architectural centrepiece

Hallways and stairwells are the often the centrepiece of a home, places where guests gain their first impressions and the space that ties all the other elements together. The stair above is from the Black Madonna House designed by Josef Gočár in Prague and is a playful cubist reinterpretation of a balustrade. What makes the [...]

Ron van der Ende

Stumbled upon the work of Ron van der Ende a Rotterdam based sculptor who works in reclaimed wood creating these amazing bas-reliefs.  We love the intricate mosaic like constructions and the use of relief and perspective is compelling and inspriational.  We are hoping That Ron will be showing in London soon. Bookmark on Delicious Digg [...]

Lord Leighton’s house and the art of hand crafted wall coverings

Visiting Lord Leighton’s House, just off Kensington High Street in London, is an experience in itself; a fantastical mélange of architectural styles and artistic influences, from Classical to Moorish. The house was recently renovated to bring it back to it’s original grandeur and this included procuring some extravagent wall coverings. The trademark olive green silk [...]