Southbank; London’s mid-century hangout

Carrying on a fifties theme, the Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank is having a resurgence and is buzzing throughout the week and weekend. Thanks to the ‘open foyer’ policy,  in place since the eighties,  it’s large foyers are one of the best used public spaces in London and I have spent many afternoons happily [...]

Finally it’s the 50′s

It’s been a bit of a slow burn, but fifties style is now definitely reaching the mainstream. Confirmation of this is the high budget production ‘The Hour’ from the BBC. Whilst the script may have had mixed reactions, the interiors, lighting, costume and production design are stunning (see screen shots above). A number of paint [...]

A garden for a shop window

On my way to a site today I passed Nina Campbell’s shop in Walton Street and thought that their use of a shop wide planter was stunning.  The beautifully naturalised planting is such a contrast to the regimented little shops of Walton Street and reminds me strongly of the growing mass appeal of Piet Oudolf’s [...]

Cream tea in the sun

A cream tea on a English summer’s day is one iconic culinary combination which really does live up to its fame.  The Ritz, Savoy, and Claridge’s all provide, for a price, more or less faultless offerings, but with fine summer days being in short supply, sometimes something more alfresco is required. There are now alternatives. [...]